Benefit of remote online notarization

Because remote online notarizations allow signers and Notaries to communicate remotely without physical proximity, RON eliminates any risk of the virus spreading during a notarization appointment. Notarize documents from the safety of your own home – an all-in-one RON platform allows you to notarize documents from anywhere, anytime, on any device. No need to worry about meeting clients in foreign locations.

  1. RON helps Notaries work more efficiently and at lower costs by phasing-out time-consuming and costly requirements such as travel time, fuel purchase, and printing documents for loan signing assignments.
  2. RON is an online notary service that is more convenient for both notaries and customers because it allows them to schedule and complete notarizations more easily, without having to leave their homes. Customers find it more convenient to be able to fit an appointment around their busy day with remote online notary services. It is also reported that many customers have expressed that the remote online notarization is much easier than they expected.
  3. RON is secure and safe: Depending upon your RON service provider, the documents you are signing and notarizing are as secure as what you receive in physical versions. Your digital certificate helps to protect you against identity fraud by verifying your identity. This ensures that the people you are communicating with online are who they say they are.
  4. Improve and speed up the overall Notarization Process: With online notary services your work is simplified. You can get things signed, notarized, and e-mailed on the same day. At the same time. The documents can be stored, filed, and easily searched for on your computer whenever required.
  5. Save and reduce Paper waste, printing, and postage: As RON is all about carrying out online notary services, you can get things done without causing the waste of paper, printing, and postage. This noticeable reduction in your operating expenses will cut the unnecessary costs that you would otherwise have in the traditional form of notarization.
  6. Virtual Notarization and RON services makes your customer smile. Once they realize how easy it is, they wish they had learned about this before. Afterwards, these customers want to come back for all their notary needs.
  7. Quick Turnaround: No more waiting for your papers to be mailed out. In most cases, most customers can expect their papers back with in a few hours.

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