Real Estate Closing

Real Estate Closing Virtual Closing Made Easy A digital closing, sometimes referred to as a virtual closing or online closing, is the process of having your real estate purchase, refinance, or sell documents notarized online with a commissioned notary public. There are still some title companies and underwriters that have not conducted online notarization for …

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Remote online Notary, how easy is it

The RON law lists specific requirements and standards for how remote online notarizations must be performed in Florida. The process typically works as follows: An online notary that is registered with the Department of State can perform any notarial act over an audio-video connection except solemnizing a marriage.

What is notary public

In the U.S. state of Florida, a notary public is a public officer appointed by the governor of the state to take acknowledgments, administer oaths, attest to photocopies of certain documents, solemnize marriage, protest the non-acceptance or non-payment of negotiable instruments [1], and perform other duties specified by law. A notary may only perform a notarial act upon receipt of satisfactory proof of identity …

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Benefit of remote online notarization

Because remote online notarizations allow signers and Notaries to communicate remotely without physical proximity, RON eliminates any risk of the virus spreading during a notarization appointment. Notarize documents from the safety of your own home – an all-in-one RON platform allows you to notarize documents from anywhere, anytime, on any device. No need to worry about …

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What is E-closing

Electronic mortgage closing, or e-Closing for short, utilizes a secure online portal on a computer or tablet for a borrower to sign all or a portion of their closing documents electronically. Closing itself is the settlement process of obtaining a mortgage where both the buyer and seller of a property review and sign documents in …

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