Remote online Notary, how easy is it

The RON law lists specific requirements and standards for how remote online notarizations must be performed in Florida.

The process typically works as follows:

  1. A person or business uploads documents to be signed and notarized
  2. The RON platform notifies the online notary that the documents are ready
  3. The signer accesses the RON platform and begins the authentication process
  4. The notary starts a recorded video chat session with the signer and any witnesses
  5. The notary completes identity validation and credential analysis
  6. The signer digitally signs the documents, and the notary performs an electronic notarization
  7. The signer and/or business entity receive copies of the notarized documents
  8. A copy of the audio-video recording, including the authentication process and details about the signer, witnesses and documents, is uploaded to the notary’s digital journal
  9. The RON service provider stores the video recording and related data in compliance with Florida law

An online notary that is registered with the Department of State can perform any notarial act over an audio-video connection except solemnizing a marriage.

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